Online Slot Game Called Cupid’s Arrow

When you play this slot game with medium volatility, you have a chance of finding love or winning rewards that will make you wealthy. Cupid’s Arrow is a video slot machine developed by Novomatic. It offers a return to player percentage of 95% and integrates the concepts of love, finding a partner, and Valentine’s Day. The game is playable on any platform, including desktop computers, tablets, and all types of mobile phones, and it has a jackpot prize pool that may reach up to 800,000 credits. Cupid’s Arrow is a video slot machine that has five reels, three rows, and 25 fixed paylines. These components are arranged over a plush backdrop that is covered with red flowers.

The screen is filled with dashing bachelors and beautiful women, as well as champagne, candles, and strawberries coated in chocolate. There is a wide choice of supplementary content available to keep you and your partner interested throughout the evening. Wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, and a number of other special bonus bonuses are among these features. Our guide provides all the information that you’ll need to find the perfect partner. Keep reading for more of our in-depth information on the Cupid’s Arrow slot machine.

Cupid’s Arrow Online Slot: Getting Started and Playing the Game

Since Cupid’s Arrow is a straightforward game in terms of its configuration, it is an option that is ideal for slot players of varying skill levels. You won’t have any trouble finding your way around thanks to the thoughtful design. When you first start the game, there are a total of 800,000 credits just waiting to be earned. Everything you need is located at the bottom of the screen for your convenience. This contains the Cupid’s Arrow paytable, which you may consult if you want to learn more about the possible payments that are associated with each symbol. Simply clicking on the blue tab that is labeled “Paytable” will cause a window to appear that lists the individual values associated with each symbol. Find the upper right corner of the game interface to access further menu choices, technical help, or the exit menu to quit playing the game.

You’ll note that the sole choice available to you is to change the amount of the wager that you’re placing. This is due to the fact that the Cupid’s Arrow slot machine has 25 fixed paylines rather than variable paylines. This indicates that you will not have the opportunity to modify the number of lines that you bet on and will be required to gamble on all 25 of them. You may have fewer options to choose from, but there is a greater possibility that you may get larger prizes. To get started, click the “Bet” button that is located below the reels, and then choose the amount of money you would want to stake. You have the option of betting anything between 50 credits and 10,000 credits on each spin, with the minimum being 50 credits. This range enables a degree of freedom in terms of bet levels, and the maximum bet is enough for high-stakes gamers to enjoy themselves. That’s all there is to do in order to get things rolling. You may choose to play a manual game or use the feature that allows for automated spins when you want to make the reels spin. Choose the tab that best suits your needs by either clicking “Autoplay” or “Start.”

After a successful spin, the extra ‘Gamble’ tab that is positioned below the reels will become active and ready for use. After you have been successful in achieving a goal, the tab will become accessible to you, and you will have the option to pick it if you would want to risk some of your winnings. When you use this function, an extra feature in the shape of a risk game will become available to you. The risk game will provide you with a straightforward game of guessing, which will give you the opportunity to increase the amount that you have won. This function is very much liked by gamers that play for huge stakes. The Cupid’s Arrow mobile slot game has a gamble feature for players’ entertainment. You can give these love-themed reels a spin on any platform, including mobile ones like iOS and Android as well as tablets. When you visit the best online casino, you may find love or win rewards of up to 800,000 credits right from the palm of your hand.

Bonuses & Free Spins Awarded by Cupid’s Arrow

You may get a lot of products that are decadent, opulent, and romantic to take with you on your date night. There are many of options. You might woo your date with some romantic heart-shaped candles or chocolate-covered strawberries if you wanted to make a good impression. Both of these things have the potential to deliver you prizes that are up to 125 times your original bet. Creating a combination of three to five matching symbols anywhere on a payline is all that is required of you to win. You may even get a bottle of champagne, a bunch of flowers, or a cologne to add to your collection. If you uncover any of these objects, you’ll be eligible to get prizes worth up to 200 times your original bet. There are now three eligible bachelors from from various regions of the globe. If you are lucky enough to see them on your reels, you might win anywhere from 400x to 600x your original wager. The two attractive women have the potential to repay you with anywhere from 750x to 1000x your original wager.

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